We’re back on the road

Porter the Giant Schnauzer

This is Porter, my new best friend.

He’s the watchdog at The Glory House a non-profit in Laurel, Miss. We’ve been painting a room in this wonderful old home that houses volunteers as they rebuild homes here that were damaged by two tornados in 2019 and 2020.

Technically Porter isn’t allowed in the house. But he spent the day laying on the brick floor while we moved ladders and drop cloths around him. During breaks he dropped his balls at our feet looking for a playmate.

It’s been 18 months since Joe and I have been on the road volunteering for NOMADS, a Methodist mission group for Rvers. We had planned to be galivanting from project to project around the country in our retirement. But, well, life got in the way.

I was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma in October 2019. I have treatments every three weeks, which keeps me close to my doctors in Pittsburgh. Then just when we thought we could do some traveling again the Covid pandemic hit shutting everything down.

It’s not like we sat on our hands in Pittsburgh. We kept busy volunteering at the SEND Relief Center at our church, helping in the clothing closet and with Grow Living Stones serving meals to our less fortunate neighbors.

On Mondays you’ll see our little red Mini zipping through the South Side and Downtown where we give out lunches to homeless people.

So here we are. The immune therapy is working. The tumors are shrinking. We’ve gotten all our shots. And we’re back on the road.

Our first project is in Laurel, where the program “Home Town” is filmed. We’ll spend two weeks working on houses here before returning to Pittsburgh for treatment.

For now it’s good to be back in our house on the road.

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