Why We Need Biden-Harris

As I watched  the first night of the Democratic National Convention multiple reasons for voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were running through my head.  It would be easy to list all of the reasons to vote against Donald Trump but I would rather vote for something. The Democrats chose to use the preamble to the constitution as the central theme of this evening and that started me thinking. What is it We The People need?

We The People of the United States, In Order to form a more perfect Union … need a president and vice president who can reclaim a government that is failing on every level.  Who have experience in government and know how to operate the levers of power to bring about change.  The last three years have proven that a complete outsider cannot steer the congress and direct the government.  Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will end Trump’s practice of appointing unqualified hacks to rundown our government and push for legislation that benefits all Americans not just special interests. 

…In order to … establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility… We need leaders who recognize the rights of all citizens and residents of this country.  Our President must support the rights of the people to protest and speak out against what is wrong in our society.  The Oval Office should speak out for racial justice and not equate hate groups with legitimate protestors.  Presidential statements should address policy differences not attack opponents as being “nasty, unintelligent or Un-American.”  The President must recognize that the police and military were created to serve and protect not suppress and control the people.  Criminal justice reform must include demilitarizing and restructuring police departments.  Joe Biden and Kamala Harris recognize these needs and are prepared to undo past legislative mistakes to insure Justice for all Americans.  They will speak to our “better angels” instead of our baser instincts.

. . . In order to . . . provide for the common Defense . . . We need a President who recognizes the importance of our history and place in the world community. Our President must have a foreign policy based on our long term needs and interests, not just what is good for today. In an ever shrinking world the United States cannot have a go it alone policy.  We need to support our allies and oppose those who don’t share our values.  We cannot just build walls to seal ourselves off from viruses, climate change and cyber attacks. None of these things can be stopped by walls.  Joe Biden will return us to a foreign policy based on mutual respect and alliances. He will cease pandering to Russia, Turkey and North Korea while insulting and ignoring traditional allies. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have plans to battle these threats with the help of our allies and international organizations instead of using tariff wars, saber rattling and cozying up to dictators.  They will foster cooperation with the World Health Organization, rejoin The Paris Climate Accords and cooperate with international organizations rather than continue Trump’s reckless go it alone policy.

. . . In order . . . Promote the general Welfare and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Prosperity . . . we need a President who recognizes the dangers we face from the raging virus, climate change, racial and economic inequality.  Joe Biden recognizes that we must control the virus before we can fix the economy.  He favors clean energy and  a return to the Paris Climate Accords over the continued use of fossil fuels.  His plans call for a steady reduction in the use of coal and oil.  Biden’s platform plans on undoing systemic racism and changing the way we police our fellow citizens.  His economic plans extend health care to more Americans, raise pay and strengthen unions.  His tax programs would raise my taxes but would stop giving gifts to the wealthy at my expense. 

Finally, We The People need Joe Biden and Kamala Harris because they display compassion, honesty, integrity and a desire to promote the interest of all Americans. After 4 years of Trumpism we need those characteristics to restore our country, rebuild our spirit and move forward into a better future.  On November 3rd vote for Biden-Harris and a better tomorrow.

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